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Rembrandt is still one of the best etchers in the world. His etchings were collected during his lifetime and they are still the case today. There are some great collections in the world, but none are complete. Rembrandt Etchings is offering reconstructions of all of Rembrandt's etchings for sale.

Rembrandt Etchings reconstructs the only complete exclusive collection of Rembrandt etchings and makes them available for exhibitions where people normally do not have access to this fantastic cultural heritage and sells it. Read more

The project

By making new etching plates, we can approach the authenticity of Rembrandt's etchings as closely as possible. We make a new copper etching plate from every etching. We reprint these as a real etching. All etchings are original works of art and limited to max. 70 prints per plate. RembrandtEtchings offers reconstructions of all etchings by Rembrandt for sale. Read more


Mrs. Fusien de Vroe-Verloop: Director of the Rembrandt Association: 'We would like to thank you very much for the hand-printed etching “Old man with a long beard and white shirtsleeves”. This gesture is much appreciated. And we will give this etching of our namesake a special place in our office, so that everyone will be able to see it with great pleasure'.

mr. Thomas Soehningen: Colorado, USA: 'It's good to finally see the end product of all your hard work. I must say that I am deeply impressed with the quality of the etchings and the clarity and detail captured from the original plates - this is a great opportunity to excite generations of art lovers around the world for the genius of Rembrandt and the large collection of his etchings that have been kept in museums and private collections for decades'.

Mike Moore artist. What a meticulous and inspired work Wouter. 'Reproduction' sounds like a lesser version, but yours are the latest plate etchings based on the best originals and are so much more vibrant than many prints of the original plates. What a noble project and a service to the arts! https://www.instagram.com/mikemoorartist     https://www.mikemoor.com/

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