A real etching for everyone

We will make new etching plates from all 302 etchings by Rembrandt van Rijn and print them by hand. These etchings can be purchased at our shop.

The etching you purchase will be hardly distinguished from the original etchings by Rembrandt. The etchings from our selection are available for a reasonable price depending on the dimensions of the print. You can also support us through donations. Please contact us at service@rembrandt-etchings.nl

Our etchings can hardly be distinguished from Rembrandt’s.

We guarantee the highest possible quality of our etchings. The way we achieve this is to remake all the copper etching plates. The copper plates are subsequently hand printed as genuine etchings, as was done by Rembrandt in his time. Our prints are therefore true etchings after the original etchings by Rembrandt. All etchings have the same dimensions as Rembrandt’s etchings. We do this with the help of specialists in France, the Netherlands and Germany.

Our etchings are almost indistinguishable from the originals, so to prevent falsification each will be marked on the back with our stamp and delivered with our certificate.


  • With your help, we made a start by making the first etching plates and etchings.
  • From the sale of these etchings we will finance the production of the rest of the 302 etching plates and offer all etchings separately or in the form of a book or box set.
  • In phase three we will exhibit this complete ouevre in countries that do not have access to Rembrandt’s fantastic work.

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