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Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has one of the largest Rembrandt collections in the world and have allowed us to access this resource. We are very grateful to the Rijksmuseum. Other files were obtained through the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, USA and the British Museum in London and many other collections. To complete the collection of all 302 files, we have to purchase a further eight.

Please help the project by purchasing one or more heliographs made by us, or by making a donation.


I work together with specialists in  Amsterdam and Paris.

  • Paris: F. Boucher: Maître d’Art, Héliograveur. Member of  ‘Les grandes Ateliers de France’
  • Paris: M. Levoyet: Imprimeur en taille-douce and nominated for Maître d’Art
  • Amsterdam: E Levert: Master printer, specialised in etchings


It is good to finally see the finished product of all your hard work. I have to say, I am deeply impressed with quality of the etching and the clarity and detail captured from the original plates – this represents an amazing opportunity to excite generations of art lovers all over the world to the genius of Rembrandt and the large collection of his etchings that have been locked away in museums and private collections for many decades.

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